Criminal Defense

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Theft, Burglary and Robbery

Domestic Violence

Fraudcredit card fraud, insurance, welfare, and health care fraud as well as check and money laundering

Assault and Battery

Probation and Parole violations

Identity Theft




Lewd conduct


Criminal Threats

Record Cleaningexpungements and certificates
of rehabilitation

Trial Advocacy

The Law Offices of Sharon Appelbaum trains attorneys in the art of trial advocacy and can be retained to consult on a case preparing for hearing and trial.

Sharon Appelbaum has taught numerous junior attorneys how to be great hearing and trial attorneys and can help you and your firm be prepared in both criminal and civil cases. As a prosecutor in Manhattan, Sharon worked with junior assistant district attorneys and as a Trial Team Coach at Pepperdine University School of Law, Sharon taught trial advocacy techniques to ensure the success of her colleagues and students.

Trainings consist of lessons in:

  • Voir Dire

  • Utilizing Rules of Evidence for Motions in Limine & Objections

  • Opening Statements

  • Direct Examinations

  • Cross Examinations

  • Closing Arguments

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