Sharon Applebaum is a phenomenal attorney. She represented me in a criminal case in New York. If she agrees to take on your case you have an incredible Ally on your side her knowledge of the law attention to detail and experience are second to none. I personally had the feeling that she was like a relative representing me she genuinely cares about her clients and you can tell this when speaking with her. I was a little worried when I first hired her because she is based primarily in California she was always available to speak with me and she was always where we needed to be in person when it came to dealing with the courts. She was extremely considerate when it came to both my legal and financial situation. If you are in any kind of legal trouble (Criminal) this is absolutely the go to attorney

— John, client

Sharon was extremely helpful throughout my case. After our first conversation over the phone, there was no doubt in my mind that she was a confident, intelligent, and compassionate lawyer that was going to do everything in her power to help me. Sharon is a great communicator, easy to talk to, and efficient in every way, shape and form. I’m lucky to have had her on my side.

— A. G., client

If you need a lawyer for a case involving domestic violence, I highly recommend you hire Sharon Appelbaum. I was falsely accused by my abuser and Sharon worked hard on my case until the charges against me were dropped. She is an excellent lawyer who really knows both the law and court procedures as well as the difficulties domestic violence survivors endure. She is as steady as a rock, which made me feel safe for the first time in a very long time! She went over and above for me!

— K. G., client

When Sharon was hired she was only given two weeks by the Judge to prepare to represent me for my preliminary hearing in a felony case (due to excessive continuations by the DA and my previous attorney). In the shortest of time she fought ethically and got the bail reduced by a million dollars. Then she continued to fight getting the entire case dismissed completely. I thank God for her efforts and zeal. Sharon is far above average and is afraid of no fight.

— R. H., client

I retained Sharon after being charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge in 2014. She worked nonstop on my case for close to a year and it resulted in a plea bargain that lowered my charge from a strike offense to a non-strike offense. My case never went to trial and I served no jail time. I now must complete probation and community service when I was looking at years in prison initially. Sharon provided great guidance and counsel and I highly recommend her services.

— A. M., client

Clients Family Members

Sharon was great! She took time to explain everything and answered all my questions. Sharon is very personal and hands on with her clients. I would recommend her to anyone!

– Dana H., wife of a client

I can’t say enough about Sharon. My brother was up against the worst charges imaginable. Never having dealt with the legal system at all, we had no clue on what to do. Sharon stepped in & took over my brother’s case a day before the preliminary hearing from his previous attorney who hadn’t done one thing in 3 months. Sharon got a new preliminary hearing date & presented outstanding motions that heavily influenced the DA & Judge to forgo the case. I thought Lawyers with Sharon’s talent only exist on TV.

— E. G., sister of a client

Sharon Appelbaum is very professional and dedicated and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to family and friends.

– B. L., fiancé of a client

Fearless and passionate attorney and a dogged investigator – what else could you ask for in a lawyer?

— NY attorney and former colleague
from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Sharon’s a good friend and a damned good lawyer. She’s tough as nails. She doesn’t just show up; she gets results. Sharon also has an excellent reputation. I recommend her without hesitation.

— Mark McBride,
Celebrated Los Angeles criminal defense attorney

Disclaimer: Past results are not indicative of future outcomes as each case is very specific to its facts.